Make-up for beautiful brides

How to feel gorgeous as a bride to be?


First of all CONGRATULATIONS on your upcoming wedding!

As an experienced make-up artist that had the honour of being trusted by my lovely brides I have a few ideas to share with you.

After talking to so many women  excited about their wedding with a vision about how they want to look, after taking in all the info and analysing bridal trends from the beauty industry this is my insight:

You feel safe in the hands of a make-up artist you trust and whose work you admire. You are happy when after the make-up trial you feel beautiful but most of all when you feel like your best self. EVER.

You feel amazing knowing that you are not just a number for your make-up artist, that he or she actually cares about what you need and what you feel. You like it when your make-up artist has impeccable taste and only uses premium quality products on your face – the ones that do not cause allergies, dry up your face or make you break out. Even better, the make-up is cruelty free.

You feel that the make-up artist is on your team, listens to you and wants you to look your best and feel at ease wearing the exact intensity of make-up that you need.

Looking at your trial make-up final result you draw these conclusions:

You feel great knowing that your make-up is luminous, lightweight, fabulous, youthful.

You feel stunning when every single detail of your face is perfected and looks like it has been touched by magic.

You feel glowy when the foundation matches your decollete’ and your whole body and is long lasting but also looks fresh.

You can swear you are a movie star with your mesmerising fluttery eyes and your naturally defined eyebrows framing your face in a flattering way, balancing your whole face.

Flushed cheecks with a truly flattering peachy-pink to get you all the compliments.

Cheeckbones to die for with the ideal highlighter and gorgeous right-tone contour to bring out your facial features.

And last but not least, gorgeous luscious lips: be it in red carpet red or a juicy pink or just a perfect nude colour. Of course the lipstick won’t smudge or budge off.

All in all you look amazing and feel like yourself. By booking a trial make-up you can secure all that and be sure that on your wedding day you will get the best experience ever and that on your make-up session you will get the most value for your money.

My speciality is gorgeous natural make-up that emphasizes your personality and goes with your personal style making you feel beautiful, confident and magical. I also gladly adjust to a more extravagant and intense and glamorous make-up look.

If you have any other wedding make-up related topics you want me to explore I am more than happy to answer any of your questions so feel free to message me!


Yours lovingly,



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