Best tips in the book for FAB lips!


Did you ladies know that our lips are one of the most sensitive areas of our body?

Since they are extra sensitive, they enable us to determine when food is safe to eat  whether it’s too hot, too spicy, to prickly and so on.  That is the primal purpose – now of course I would like to refer to the other function of our lips which is to make us all look pretty so we could kiss everyone!

It was high time I shared with you my deepest, darkest secret – just kidding, one of the most effective ways to wear lipstick.

Save all that time from prepping your lip with balm, contouring your luscious lips with lip liner (to be read save your pennies and buy yourself some time) and use a LIQUID LIPSTICK!!!

I prefer any single one of the Burjois range, in fact I love them so much I took them for a walk in Hill Garden and Pergola, my favourite park in London to show you my top 3 choices:

Be it matte or shiny, your make-up will look on point and will actually be effortless.

It will not only look gorgeous but with them lips looking so fine you will only have to add a tinted moisturizer on your skin and a bit of mascara to finish off the look (hello, SPRING!)

All in just 5 minutes – quick and easy.

I have been using the Burjois lipsticks for years and the new range Spring Laque range has caught my eye through its gorgeous shiny finish and long wearing formula – a must have for my handbag .

I love the fact that they are not sticky at all, this was always something that would keep me away from glossy lipsticks.

I will let you now indulge in these lovely pictures I took for you and also invite you to find your own perfect shades be it in the Rouge Laque (glossy) in shades 01, 02 or Rouge Edition Velvet 15 (matte):


I also took a close-up of how they look against my skin, it is always a good idea to hold the lipstick against your skin to see if they look good with your colouring and to make sure it is the shade you imagine it to be!

Until my next post, make sure you all enjoy this magical spring!




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