Common Mistakes to Avoid when Buying Make-Up


Ever wondered how to maximize your shopping experience when you want to dive in for beauty producst? Want to find out some great insider tips? Tune in, the best moves are about to be fully disclosed!

  1. Using testers directly on your skin As a make-up artist working at premium beauty counters you’d think that I would get customers aware of the possible dangers lurking in the darkness – well, not quite that dark – but still lurking in the products displayed as testers.Make sure you sanitize anything that you try directly on your skin, you never know what hidden germs can cause your next rash or mouth sore or have the staff sanitize the products for you.
  2. Buying your foundation based on marketing campaigns Have you at any point met a charming MUA recommending the latest and newest most awesome foundation? Did you get some extra vouchers thrown in to seal the deal? Well, that’s a No No, right there! Trying new things is cool to some extent, but keep in mind what your skin needs in terms of texture, coverage and finish. Don’t just buy a product because it is the best promoted one! It may not be the most suitable for you.
  3. Buying your foundation based on poor lighting in the store Just take my word for it, NOT worth it! Take an extra 5 minutes before throwing your money away and check the colour in the sunlight! If it blends naturally with your neckline you found the ONE!!
  4. Avoid  3 for 2/ 50% off/ must go campaigns for products We are living in a though economy, I know – don’t let your sense of saving money make you buy things you’ ll end up not using just because they are cost effective. Better to have fewer things you actually use rather than a collection of stuff due to expire and be thrown away at some point.
  5.  Buy creamy blusher if you have oily skin  It will just slip off your face in no time – although it looks amazing at first, the effect won’t last! Powder blushers are your best bet in this case.
  6.  Repurchasing the same eyeshadow/ lipstick colours over and over again  It’s human nature to be drawn to our own routine – so when you go and repurchase your favourite eyeshadow colour, don’t say no to  specialist advice: try on new colours, I promise you will discover yourself in a new/better light! Playing with colours is fun!
  7. Buying non waterproof eyeliner pencils What’s the point of having your eyeliner smudge all over your face anyway? If you have a super oily lid you might want to consider securing it with an extra layer of translucent powder – your welcome!
  8. Treating the online reviews like the Holy Bible and buying blindly without testing first Look, I know it’s so tempting buying cosmetics just by looking up how many stars they are given by beauty gurus, bloggers, vloggers and beauty experts. They may be right most of the times but they don’t know you personally. Always try the products yourself – there’s simply no other (smarter) way!
  9. In store customer service who tricks you into buying stuff you don’t really like or need If at any point in your interaction with a make-up adviser you feel looked down upon or poorly served who don’t actually listen to you – feel free to walk away without buying anything. Don’t let them guilt you into buying any products to prove a point. There are plenty of customer friendly people in the industry, keep looking for your perfect adviser – everyone in Retail is there to help but the sad truth is not everyone wants to.

Hope these rules helped you become a little bit wiser when it comes to buying make-up and your drawers at home won’t get filled with unused, unwanted and inappropriate beauty products.

After all, you could use your savings for that gorgeous pair of shoes, right?



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